I love you and goodbye

by Jennifer   Oct 25, 2006

Baby I miss you, sometimes I just need you by my side,

Sometimes it hurts so much, only you could I confide,

Why did I let you go, if there was nothing wrong?,

Why did I listen to others, if I only wanted you all along,

You were my one true love, my very best friend,

I remember all the good times, I never wanted to end,

You were simply my soul mate, a perfect match,

but all of the drama, I simply couldnt patch,

Im sorry I wasnt strong enough, to just let it go,

I just took it all inside, and didnt let it show,

I really shouldve told you, we couldve worked this out,

But it was never really my thing, to sit around and pout,

So now I have to end this poem, and let you move on,

Ill walk right out of your life, Ill disappear and be gone,

If this is really what you want, Ill do it in a second,

Ill try and move on, and no longer to you beckon


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