Forgotten one

by Amanda   Nov 2, 2006

You act like you don't know me,
just turning a blind eye,
Shouting at me constantly,
making me break down and cry,

You say that you don't want me,
living inside your house,
The next day you are fine again,
I try to be as quiet as a mouse,

I don't say a word to you,
pretending I don't hear,
The nice words you are saying,
cos it just brings a tear,

To know that you have hurt me,
being careless with what you say,
Acting like you never said it,
won't make my pain just go away,

As soon as I can afford it,
I'll move out and leave you alone,
Some mother you turned out to be,
now i'll make it on my own....

Copyright 2006 - Amanda Linzi


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  • 13 years ago

    by dora

    Hey darl a touching piece powerful n sad