Wont forget you

by Elizabeth   Nov 12, 2006

Your lies left scars
upon my wrists
what ill remember you by
i try not to cry

but i cant help it
when i walk down the street
i cant walk to far from the sidewalks
i cant even look people in the eyes

cause I'm afraid i might see you
everyone says your not worth it
they all say i should forget you

but i gave you everything
anything you wanted
how am i just supposed to forget that?
how am i supposed to forget you?

I'm torn apart inside
left to bleed on your kitchen floor
my heart bleeds for you
i just wanted you to come back

just wanted you
but i cant have you
i never will again

cause you forgot me
i just wanted to feel your touch
but i cant
your to far away

ill never forgive you
i cant love anyone else
you have all the pieces of my heart
in a glass jar

above your bed
you burn a little piece
every time
you laugh at me

i can feel it....


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