No mother of mine

by Amanda   Nov 13, 2006

You are not my mother,
I don't even want to see,
What you have to offer,
or what you give to me,

You try to buy me with money,
to make up for what you did,
You'll never erase my memories,
of what you did to me as a kid,

You beat me black and blue,
starving me for days on end,
Made my body weaker,
now you pretend to be my friend,

You made me think my dad,
was totally to blame,
The both of you were responsible,
your excuses are so lame,

You passed me around those homes,
making me feel insecure,
I was scared of everybody,
who to trust, I wasn't sure,

You left me home alone for days,
I sat crying just for you,
You were angry and you hit me,
locked me inside the cupboard too,

Now I grew up and am an adult,
I'm confused and in a mess,
because you couldn't love me,
I'm always in distress,

I'm scared of everything now,
I now feel unwanted and unloved,
I find it hard to trust people,
cos you just pushed and shoved,

What really makes me sick,
is you still have no shame,
You ruined a young girls life,
and you think it's just a game....

Copyright 2006 - Amanda Linzi


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Latest Comments

  • 13 years ago

    by leanne woodward

    This poem makes me glad my mum wasn't that bad it made me cry grate poem.

  • 13 years ago

    by Mo

    Wow i can't believe someone would do that kind of thing to you but just keep your head up and you know at least what not to do as an adult so just do the opposite... that's what i would do. Great job.

  • 13 years ago

    by Desi

    This is a really good poem. you should read some of mine, they are kinda like yours...