From Me to You

by Meggie33   Nov 23, 2006

From day to night,
then from night to day,
I want you with me,
what more is there to say?

From sun to moon,
then back from moon to sun,
I want to hold you close,
I want you to tell me I'm the one.

From dusk till dawn,
and from dawn till dusk,
I want you to know,
baby, this is love, not only lust.

From me to you,
I want this message passed,
I need to be with you forever,
baby, I hope we last.

From you to me,
there's this amazing thing I feel,
as a note from me to you,
"baby, I think this is real."

From day one until the end,
and from start to finish,
dont ever give up,
because baby, we can win this!

From friends to a couple,
and from the bottom to the top,
just remember that i love you,
and thats one thing that'll never stop.

From before, up to now,
and to now, from then,
I have grown to love you,
and I never want this to end.

From me to you,
this is just a small reminder,
you've already got the girl that loves you,
so give up on trying to find her.


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