I dunno :-\

by Meggie33   Oct 15, 2006

Running in circles,
lost in the night,
wondering if I'll ever,
be quite alright.

Falling and tripping,
over my own feet,
I've been running for so long,
I'm just so tired and weak.

I want to quit,
but I just gotta keep going,
I cannot continue,
wondering and not knowing.

Looking back over my shoulder,
glancing right and left,
worrying and fretting,
murder, hurt, and theft.

So, I'm running in these circles,
just repeating the same thing many times,
twisted and caught up,
just speaking of thoughts and rhymes.

Im caught up in this loop,
Im stuck in this daze,
just thinking about everything,
that has to do with you and your ways.


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