Amazing to me.

by Meggie33   May 17, 2007

You're amazing to me me,
and i need to hold you close,
you're better than the rest,
not to brag or boast.

your smile is so gorgeous,
and your eyes so glowing bright,
your body draws me closer,
and your voice makes me alright.

the songs you write, are so cute,
i love it when you express how you feel,
i'm glad you can be open,
it shows me you're for real.

holding your hand puts me at ease,
it reminds me that you're near,
touching you makes me smile,
you take away my fears.

smelling, seeing, hearing you,
it all just makes me crazy,
i love everything about you,
that your fun, wild, and lazy.

i know you can take a joke,
and that makes you not all boring,
we can joke about anything,
like drooling, burping, and snoring.

if i ever have a concern,
or something to tell,
you are so quickly listening,
you listen oh so well.

you never put me down,
only when im being gay,
but i know you really love me,
and nothing could take that away.

youve been there from the start,
never have you left my side,
you've been there all along,
through truth, hurt, and lies.

thank you for loving me,
ive never had this kind of joy,
i'm so amazed by your beauty,
you're so not just another boy.



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