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by Unseen Exposure   Nov 30, 2006

We get so close it hurts;
Our bodies intertwine, lip lengths away-
But your hands stay by your sides,
And your eyes do not meet mine.
Our legs reaming overlapping
And our muscles tense with desire,
Our lips expand to breathe ...
And then finally they lock together.
It's passionate for the moment;
Hence the fermentation scattered
Through out the room.
I almost whisper the words,
But the lust controls my conscious,
And wrongfully, I give in.
I breathe as if I'm about to say it ...
"But you're with her."
However, the words disappear after each lip-lock.
My heart begins to pound as my hands find your back,
"But I'm with her."
I can almost hear you say.
My eyes open -
You have not stopped your wondering,
You have not opened your eyes
To see my confusion.
I love you.
I swear I love you.
... But you're with her.


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  • 14 years ago

    by dandy

    Powerful poem. But I dislike it for one reason and one reason only, due to no fault of your own. In my own life, in my recent and by far most painful experience I'v had to endure, I was the girl the guy was with when he was with another that he wasn't supposed to be with...Guys suck and I have no desire whatsoever to dive head first into the deep end of the pool of love for fear of crushing my head on the bottom again. I love your writing style though. Keep it up!