by bethany   Jan 15, 2007

Its 3:00 in the morning
i cant even rest my head
my cheeks are blotchy with tears
tears of pain
my knees are crushing my chest
im afraid to let them down
because it will open my wounded heart
the mirror crushes with my first punch
why am i this way
blood gushes over my knuckles
a knock at the door
i snap my head to the side
i grasp a towel
close the bathroom door
and reveal my guest
why is...HE here
why did he do this to me
i change my facial expression
hide my excitement
and turn it into a blank face
i know he sees through me
i cant run from him
he did this to me
i cant fall for him again!
i break the silence
like a knife through bread
i ask him why hes here
and then
just like that
he turns around
and walks towards the door
almost like hes flying in the air
he gives no clue of sadness
im left clueless
clueless about me


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  • 14 years ago

    by Meg

    I really like the emotion in this poem you did an excellent job.