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Heyyy Everyone. Im Bethany Bridges. I Live In California And Im Loving It. I Have Made A Lot Of Changes In My Life And Expect To Continue Making More. i Love To Surf, Skate, And I Do A Lot Of Spontaneous Things. I Try Not To Regret Anything, Because I Cant Change The Past. Life Is Moving On Way Faster Than Im Ready For, So Ive Realized That Ill Never Catch Up To My Goals In Life, So Ive Decided To Do As I Please. I Really Want To Bungee Jump, And Travel Around The World. Ive Decided To Make A Use In Life Because It Wasn't Going To Make One For Me. Just Take A Little Time Out Of Your Day To Help Because Every Little Thing Counts. There Are People in This World That Need You, Whether You Like It or Not. I Dont Want To Be Underestimated. My Body Is Weak But I Am Strong.

"Non-violence leads to the highest ethics, which is the goal of all evolution. Until we stop harming all other living beings, we are still savages." -Thomas Edison

oh and ill always comment back if you comment me. even if its reli awckward and theres like nothing to say back to you. ill find something.
??yeah im confused too??
comment me if you want to know more! oh and recently ive had a hard time getting inspired to write, so sorry if im so slow.

B. Bridges

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