R.I.P. Liam

by Arora   Jan 18, 2007

It seemed I lived for him.
That everyday I'd wake up just to try and get to hear his voice. To get to know him.

I tried really hard to be there for him. To be there for his friends. I tried and succeeded at staying myself. But there was always something missing.

And it's true. You never know what you had until it's gone. He's gone now.. Swapped by Heaven's hand itself. And I miss him.

I thought it'd be the end for me--for everyone that ever knew him.
But then it all hit me.
It all made sense now.
I knew it wasn't love... but a deep friendship.

I've dedicated the rest of my life to him.
He wouldn't be someone who'd fade away just like an old boyfriend. He'd last.
I could feel it.

Yeah, there will be days I feel like shit, but I can make it through because I know what it's like now.

I have experience.
And when I pursue my dreams, it'll be because of him.

Rest in Peace Babe.


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