My Favorite Place

by TiFFanY   Feb 6, 2007

My favorite place means everything to me
It is a place where I go that only I can truly see

There is no worries and no problems just happiness and fun
When I find myself there it feels like life has just begun

No ordinary person can find this special place
It has no permanent residence and no sturdy base

It exists mainly to me and only my eyes
If someone else saw it they would see no surprise

I feel completely safe and out of harms way
And in this place I always want to stay

I haven�t felt this way about anywhere till now
As far as I�m concerned I can completely understand how

This place makes me feel like I am the luckiest girl around
And I know when I am there I deserve all that I have found

I wouldn�t trade anything for this special place I go
It has changed my life and made me better these are things I know

So anytime things get tough and I need some time to erase
I find myself in my boyfriend�s arms because that is my favorite place.


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