The Best

by FireCracker   Mar 15, 2007

There is this young man
Whom I have come to know
One of Gods more interesting creations
"THE ONE" who helped me grow

Leaving behind some rather
Unforgettable wisdom without truth
Helping me realize what I needed
"THE ONE" who took away every aspect
Within my youth

But for it was filled with nothing
More than a simply no good scheme
But boy was he a sweet talker
He had an entire theme

For once in my life
He had me believe in myself and what I could be
I really thought he was one of few
To see the good in me

Gave me time in a day
To prove I was different then thought
And among doing that
So many other things were brought

If it wasn't for that thing
a little thing called REALITY
I would have sworn it to be the best
And thought it was the best for me

Truth be told it wasn't the best
More along the lines of a shameful regret
But through your helpful innovations
I still feel I am in your debt

Because despite your flaws
You were amazing to me, none the less
In you I somehow found me
And I'll swear no matter what;
You're so close yet so far from THE BEST


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