Black Clock Tower

by Giovanni   Mar 22, 2007

A boy sits in his room of bereavement
Cluttered by his thoughts and reveries
Abandonment was his curse
To think that anyone cared for the boy except his family
Friends were temporary
But the friends that he called brother and sister were his
Only to fall down at the face of a new problem
Self-infliction was his next choice
A malicious act would be played assure at the strike of dawn under the black clock tower
He sets his razor firmly on his right palm of his hand
He looks down and sheds a tear of blood for one girl
He blames himself for his loss of love
He blames himself for the doubt and betrayal
He decides that the time is now
And with nothing but a void to be his new home
He sets the blade against his wrist
His heart starts to pound with such force
His eyes become filled with such hate
The time was now and no more shall love ruin his virgin heart
He pressed it harder with each heartbeat
With one strike of the blade
He ends his sad life
The life that he once loved
The life that was his
The life that God had bestowed upon his mortal flesh and body
Was now taken by the heart of the blade
Because of such anger and hatred
Such jealously and bereavement
So cluttered and lost
So in love and afraid
So alone and betrayed
He was gone...
Love had killed the young boy
He couldn't take the pain much longer
He wielded such a bad hate toward a friend
All because he too km his love away
This was someone the boy cared for
That girl was his life
He was young but well aware of his feelings
Tears rolled down his face so fast
They crashed down like the lies he tried to live
He tried to prevaricate his feelings for her so many times
But his heart was in a sweet pandemonium
He thought she was callous of him
He was desolated when he saw her happy with another boy
Only because he forced her to love him
He was hemorrhaged and despondent
But what could he do
The boy was mendacious
The boy...
Was dead...


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Latest Comments

  • 12 years ago

    by LifeThroughMyEyes

    I am so amazed by ur poetry...the ones i have read remind me a lot of my favorite poet...Edgar Allen Poe. you are really good. im gonna add u to my favs. maybe we can talk...

  • 13 years ago

    by Rina

    How can you continue to love someone when you know you can't be with that person?
    Please don't take this question offensively... I'm just a kind of person who can't love others when I know they don't love me the same...:'(