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Hey Guys :)! My names Giovanni but you can call me Gio for short. I'm a senior at Renaissance High School in the Bronx. My friends say that I can be a bit over dramatic but I see myself as an outspoken, open-minded human being. I think outside the box and I express myself very fluidly. My sarcasm is all over the place lol (I am VERY sarcastic).

I enjoy hanging out with friends and I take most oppertunities that pass me by. I am also signing up for the Coast Guard during the summer, which happens to be during my birthday: July 2nd.

I love singing and I can safely say that it is my life. A picture can paint a thousand words, but music is endless. I believe that it is the very reason for why we live. I used to be in a band called The Adrenaline Epidemic but drama caused the breakup.

I enjoy going to concerts and broadening my horizons because I believe that you can never have too little in life. It is about taking risks and making the most of what you have. Opening your heart up and shaping your life the way you dream it could be.

I am a poet, and you'll see that on my blogs. I love reading and writing quotes. I guess you can say that I am a psychologist without the degree lol. I hate bragging but if God gave you some sort of talent, a gift, then it is not yours to keep. You have to share to the world so that they can benefit from your gift and in turn, do the same for others.

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