The demon called love

by Fluffy Cotton   Apr 11, 2004

One lonely day she sat on her bed and fell to a world of dismay
She couldn't decipher the thoughts in her head from the staggering words she would say
She tried to make since of the feelings she had but to her it was all just a mess
A blur of devotion, pain and despair, loyalty, sorrow and stress
She thought of the thing she desired the most but he was nowhere in sight
Instead, in his place was an empty dark hole from which was cast off a great light
She reached out to touch it, her hand was thrown back, and yet she desired it more
Though she knew it was out of her reach she longed for the pain to endure
Unlike the people we usually see who tried to avoid such despair
She longed for anything cast off of him, as long as she knew he was there
The entire world was witnessing this and yet not a person did care
To them it was just a sad phase and still they continued to stare
She drifted farther and deeper within this world that was bringing her down
And yet she still desired to stay, for within this world she would drown
But, there's really not much you can do from above
Except look down on this demon called love


**Feel free to comment. I love criticism. Thank you for reading my poem! C: **


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  • 18 years ago

    by BriAnna

    wow... i can totally relate, (it's been one of those days). thank you for commenting and take a look at my other poems!!

  • 18 years ago

    by Lauraballz

    Lovin this one aswell!! Your poems are sooo wicked!! I love them all!! You're on my faves now!! :P