Forever and Never

by IWroteYouAPoemOnMyWrist   Apr 2, 2007

As I hold my breath, as I cross the path, to where we first met.
Theres pain in my chest, remembering theres nothing left, from the feelings you once had, now regret.

I bite my lip, as i remember out first kiss, that summer night.
Your hands on my hips, sweet sensational grip, that I couldn't fight.

The words that you said, went straight to my head, as we'd talk late.
Now you wish I was dead, and the exhaustion I'm feed, as i realize all i put in you did nothing but take.

And I'm left confused, in an empty room, claiming i have a new lover.
You stand completely amused, knowing i loose, regretting the seconds we knew each other.

The last week we spent, it came and went, and your statements all ended as questions.
I couldn't afford the rent, when you said it wasn't meant, while you let out all confession.

And now you despise what I am, what I learned from only you understand, what once you loved now only hated.
but with the work of your hands, made by man, I am what you created.

That is what I remember, always and forever, I won't mention your name.
Pull myself together, and yes you were so clever, the way you played your game.

As I say this in my last breath, while i cross the path where we last met.
Theres a pain in my chest, remembering theres nothing I regret,
Except the second you turned and left.


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  • 14 years ago

    by Kurt

    Different. I'm not used to seeing poems written in that style. Great job and way to be unique.

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