Whats really there

by Krissy   Apr 18, 2007

All I hear coming out of your mouth is lies,
I can hardly look into your deceiving eyes,
My feelings for you continue to grow,
But your feelings for me don't show...

You never sit down and listen to me,
Your love for me is blind, i cannot see,
You don't listen closely to the words I say,
I feel us separating more day after day...

You try to fool me saying words you don't mean,
You never ask about my past, places Ive gone, things Ive seen,
It seems to me you don't even care,
And sometimes you act like there is no love for me there...

I know the feelings I have for you are true,
My heart beats so fast whenever I'm around you,
You make me feel so good inside,
And my love for you I don't want to hide...

So tell me the truth, what feelings are really there?
Do you love me or do you not even care?
Is your love for me strong or mild?
Id like to know because your making my emotions run wild...


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