The Road I've Chosen

by Krissy   Jul 13, 2007

Once before I have been pushed down,
and hit hard into the ground..
But I knew I had to continue on,
so I picked myself up and went along..

As I went along the road began to get longer,
but i I knew if I kept going it would only make me stronger...
I knew my destination was so far away,
I cant give up, I will continue this road day after day...

Suddenly up ahead, a crossroad was found,
and which ever I continue down, I cannot turn around...
I chose the road that looked easier for me,
the obstacles ahead I could not see..

The road began to get narrow and thin,
and I began to tire, not knowing what will soon begin..
My belief in continuing started to die,
I could no longer walk with my chin high..

Storm clouds forming in the sky,
all around me, dusk began to fly..
And as the rain began to fall,
I slowed down and began to stall..

Gusting winds began to surround,
all I could hear was a thundering sound..
My feet turned into heavy bricks,
and my arms felt as if they were as thin as sticks..

My sight goes black,
i turn around but i cannot go back..
I can no longer stand,
all I can do is pray for a helping hand..

My heart began to freeze,
as I felt the chilling breeze..
Tears started to flow,
Hatred of life began to grow..

Once again I began to fall,
on my hands and knees now I began to crawl..
Through the pitch black I kept going,
and my speed kept slowing and slowing..

My hands and knees now raw and full of blood,
I continue through the rocks and the mud..
Cant remember what I'm trying to seek,
my body grew so cold and weak..

My eyes close, my bones give out,
I can no longer go about..
I think to myself, no this cant be,
full of doubt and self pity..

I give up and continue laying there,
this is not right, it just isn't fair..
Just then creeping through my eyes was something bright,
I open my eyes and ahead I see a light..

I cant move, I'm so weak and full of doubt,
I need help, and to the light, I reach out...


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  • 13 years ago

    by Finalgravedigger

    OMG that was the best poem ive read all day that was great with the best style great transition and very unique i loved it 5/5 maybe u can read one of mine.