by holly   Apr 20, 2007

This act-
It is tired.
And beyond times years.
You ask yourself the questions of despair-
Who am I?, What have i become?
Your questions go un-answered.

As you grasp whats left of reality into the palms of your hands.
Your mask has begun to crumble-
~But no.
For fear of exposure this mustn't happen.
You have reached a degree beyond measure.

Who you really were was of irrelevance, but is now of the utmost importance.
Time is running out.
Credibility is no longer accounted for-
You hate what you have become-
As do fellow victims.

Gone from the beginning-
Only can i reflect upon the past-
Demeaning Irreverence?

Though i question the task of being someone one day
And becoming what is known as this monster the next.

Once again silence-

This act is coming to a close.
Thank-you for coming, i hope you enjoyed it.
Please refrain from possible applause.


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