Friday night

by Lucy Loves Not   Apr 21, 2007

cut me short

denying me accessibility
to your mind

due to the accusal
of over-precaution.

"safe" is hardly the word,

if you should
use any description

it should be "timid".

the lack of satisfaction
throughout my life

has hardened me,

has shaped me into
something untrusting

and often unwilling.

and you sit,
frustrated perhaps -

yes, i've failed to

open up to you.

please understand
i'm still learning

[learning you].

give me the moments

to make sure you are

to see that you
are tangible.

false identities of
the past
have seduced my

purest intentions,

and your nature
draws me away
fom that.

give me time
to appreciate

the genuine moments,

so i may treasure

rather than run from them.

you are
too many times
too good to be true...

give me a second
to put my trust in you.


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