Takes one mistake

by Lucy Loves Not   Apr 21, 2007

One call:

i swore to you
this change wasn't
birthed upon
forced grounds.

your tone
severed the strings
that once hummed


futile promises
fell limp again
as your buried
those walls


i'd say you
broke my spirit

but you've
even said it

presence weighs
nothing in the form
of shadows.

i felt some
tinge of resentment

spewing from
your voice,

but i swallowed
my apologies

realizing they'd
mean nothing.

psychic wishes
and telepathic
hope will have to do-

i pray nothing
but happiness
upon you



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  • 16 years ago

    by perfectlyBROKEN

    LOVED IT!!!!! It Waz Awsum, Deep, Meaningful And powerful!!
    5/5!! HANZxoxo
    Plez Rate & Commnt On Mine =P