Heaven Denied

by Cantchangeme   May 2, 2007

I've been lost, inside my head
As they talk of names and places
The words they speak, come again
It all breaks us down in the end
Feeling tired and all hung out
Forgetting all airs and graces
The flies on my eyes making me see
The other me will have to face it

I'm the injection, I'm the bruise
Your coffee coloured perfect eyes
Your intentions, So abused
I'm your candy coated formaldehyde

I've been drained, Feeling dead
But feeling oh so very elated
Carving plastic smiles, for all my friends
Just one more last heroic trend
Feeling on trial and cut right open
But hoping to hell your still serrated
Open up your heart, cut into me
Find my spirit, i hope you break it

Your the hated, The new accused
My pretentious other side
I've got nothing left to lose
Your ambitions turning blind

We're the poison, We're the used
We're the part they wished had died
We're the bleeding, Their the bled
We're neo-bliss, Heaven denied


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  • 14 years ago

    by Michelle18

    This is a good poem...but the rhyming scheme wasnt so great in this one... the rhymes were everywhere...and it really threw the flow off..but i did enjoy the read.

    but because of the rhymes i give you a 4/5 on this one.

  • Good poem.
    Your word choices were good and it flowed well.
    Keep it up 5/5


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