by Quis   Jun 4, 2007

I want a boy who walks up behind me and hugs me. A boy who will give me his jacket when im cold. A boy who gives me surprises. A boy who just shows up at my house out of the blue. A boy who will take me out. A boy who gets along with my friends. A boy who always fun to be around. A boy who introduces me to his friends. A boy who will left me hang out with him and his friends. A boy who will look into my eyes. A boy who will look into my eyes and hold that lock forever. A boy who respects me. A boy that kisses me at the perfect time. A boy I can run to when I'm hurting. A boy who makes me laugh. A boy that when he looks into my eyes.. I know he is falling for me. A boy that when he kisses me I know he means it. A boy that won't break my heart. A boy that says "I Love You" and means it with his whole heart. That's my perfect boy.


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