This is my Goodbye.

by Quis   Jun 4, 2007

I can't stand thinking back on all of this crap I went through. I can't stand that you are acting like this. I never understood your reasoning. Yeah, okay I was your best friend but when you are dating my other best friend, I can't tell you what he says about you. That's just what best friends do. They keep promises. You know, like the promise we had that we would be best friends always? You of all people should understand that. Oh and your welcome for your other great friend. You know if I never introduced you two, you both wouldn't even say a word to each other. And you know what kills me, is that she is now your best friend. And you know what else.. it kills me that you didn't do anything to save this friendship. You didn't do one thing.
But the truth is, I am fine. I have 3 amazing best friends now that I have grown so close to. I tell them everything and I am having the time of my life.
So I guess I really wanted to say was.. Thank you. Thank you for teaching me the real definiton of True Friends. I learned a lot about myself from you. And i really do appreciate it. Who knows if I will talk to you come August. Or if we are going to be close by that time. Thank you again and Goodbye Ex- Best Friend.


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