Never thought..

by Quis   Apr 2, 2007

I still remember the first day I met you. During summer, at basketball practice.. I was the experienced sophomore you were the new freshman. And somehow we just clicked. We started to talk more, we started to hang out more. By the time school actually started, you were one of the few people I actually trusted. which was weird for me.. because I had only known you for 3 months and I don't trust people that easily. We were inseparable from there on out. If someone saw you, they saw me. Or if someone saw me, they saw you. We grew tighter and tighter as time goes on. Your house became my second home and my house became yours. We never fought because I was able to open up to you easily and there were no secrets. But then.. my senior year came around. New Years Eve to be exact. Of all days we had to fight and had to have a weird night together.. it was the one were I was hoping to start '07 off with a bang. Well I guess I did. just not the way i expected. We grew farther and farther since then. I rarely talk to you. I hardly ever see you anymore. And I haven't told you this.. but you replaced me. I didn't replace anyone. You were always off with some other person and when I tried to hang out.. you claimed you were always busy. Now you have 2 different best friends and a boyfriend. And I'm just slowly slipping out of the picture. I didn't even know that you had a boyfriend till 2 weeks after you guys were official.. that's not what a best friend does. So I guess all I'm really trying to say is.. WHY THIS YEAR? Why my senior year? The last year we are going to spend together and live close together? Because I am gone in August.. and if things go the way they are going right now.. i have a feeling I'm going to lose you forever.. </3


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