Eating disorders

by MiaFairy   Jun 4, 2007

Every day is a battle
Between fat and thin
I pretend like I'll get there
But I'll never win
Anorexia controls my mind
Bulimia helps her too
Neither of them are ever kind
Be careful, don't let them trick you

Every night i lay awake crying
Knowing I'll never reach my goal
Fasting till i feel like dying
Look at my damaged soul
Only weight matters, good and bad
Look what I did to my family and friends
What happened to me is so sad
ED never ends

I warn you now
Get out before it's too late
Don't let them tell you you're a cow
Or you'll get sucked into a horrid fate
I pray for those like me
I hope you can get out
I wish we could all be set free
Or we will die without a doubt


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  • 13 years ago

    by Lovesick 4 Jesus

    God wants to set you free from this. He's healed me in so many ways and he longs to the same for you. You are beautiful and anything that tells you differently is a lie from hell. Jesus desires your heart because he created it!! he weeps as you cry, he holds you as you purge and cry, he loves you so much!!