Controled by Food

by MiaFairy   Aug 10, 2007

You wake up in the dead of night
you want to eat with all your might
but you want to give up with out a fight
be gone and out of sight
you're walking towards the blinding light...

You stumble and crawl
you think you're fat, but you're skinny to all
about to die, body is so small
weak from hunger, you fall
do you want to be an emaciated Barbie doll?

You are taken over
please run for cover
the food can be an enemy or a lover
she is a demon undercover
anorexia is ruining your life you will discover

Slowly fading in your bed
remembering all the insults said
so many upsetting thoughts run through your head
this disease is quick to spread
take your last breath, your life is hanging by a little thread...


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  • 13 years ago

    by AnorexicDream

    I can really relate to this. i suffer from anorexia.