Bad Best Friend

by Amby Mae   Jun 6, 2007

I love you but I hate you,
you're the only thing I can run too.

You make me feel dirty but yet fine again
I couldn't quit you once I began.

You make me feel so low but bring me up so high
You are my best friend and I don't know why

I wish they knew about all the things Ive done
I'm fighting a battle that you've already won.

They are tired of my emotions and they way I'm always sad. They don't understand that this all hurts so bad.

I'm wilting in this world that no one can see
You are the only one that can save me.

But I hate you so much I cant stand it anymore
From the scars on my arms to the blood on the floor

I rather die then spend another day playing your game
Because of you I will never be the same

I shake all the time and haven't been happy for years
No matter how much I try I cant stop these tears.

I just put on a smile and hide you away
But in the back of my mind you will always stay

I hate you more everyday you're around. Every night I cry alone on the ground

your killing me slowly every minute of the day
Breaking me to pieces in your messed up way

I hate you so much I just want to cry
But I cant let go of this knife and I don't know why


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