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I love writing poems, i think it's fun to be creative. most of my poems are based on a true story. I love my baby nathan tough!! damn i wish that ppl would return favors for ppl..

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  • Country : New Zealand
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Latest Poems By Amby Mae

  • I love you but I hate you,
    you're the only thing I can run too...

  • I pop two pills so I can
    sleep tonight, knowing in...

  • You hold me close and try to make me smile
    and stay with me for a little while...

  • Everything bad has a sliver lining, you just have...
    every storm cloud pouring, has a sun behind it...

  • Dear sissy, Do you remember me? the way we use to...
    Dear sissy, Where did you go you were gone one...

Latest Quotes By Amby Mae

  • I’d die a thousand deaths, I’d swim across the sea, I’d walk across the dessert just to know you still loved me.

    14 years ago
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  • I'm the girl you all wanna be
    I'm popular and oh so pretty.
    everything about me is soo prefect without a flaw.but theres soo much more that u haven't saw.from the tears flowing down my the blood from my arms that slowly leaks.

    14 years ago
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  • No matter how hard you try to make something perfect, it will always come out deformed..

    16 years ago
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