Fallen Angel..

by Bled_Dry_Heart   Jun 19, 2007

I stand on the bridge looking down slowly...shall I jump and fall from grace or stand my ground and turn around. Face my demons and show the world I'm strong enough to withstand this.

I feel like I'm trapped in the darkness surrounded by screams, I can feel your pain...it's ripping through me.

My soul is being ripped out of my chest as I take another step...I watch the sunset and see a broken angel trying to spread her wings...I pray for her to take flight and I watch her so closely that I forget to watch my steps..

Am I destined to die or will she spread her wings and catch me in my time of need...

Her wings never spread as I hit the water with a thunderous thud...The water slowly fills my lungs...

I'm just another fallen angel now since she had given up on me...help came too late I'm nothing more but fish bait...


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