Waiting Room

by e LIZ a beth   Jun 24, 2007

A cold and empty waiting room
Painted the blandest shades of grey
Breathing heavy, a fast heart beat
No one knew what the doctor would say

As the door swung wide open
I heard the doctor say 'its time'
I walked up slowly, closed my eyes
I knew it wouldnt be 'just fine'

Thats the day that I decided
I had to live the best I could
So I did everything that I wanted
Everything I thought I should

I got in a plane and jumped
Falling though the bright blue sky
Taking in my appreciation
For the things that I passed by

I pulled the string of my parachute
And began to fall real slow
A feeling over powered me
One Im glad I got to know

I married my childhood sweetheart
Even though it wont last long
I got to dance our 'first dance'
While they played our 'first song'

So laugh and smile, while you can
Its stupid to spend your last days crying
And I hope one day, you get the chance
To live like you were dying


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  • 14 years ago

    by BECCA lessTHANthree

    This is better but there are soo many like funky letters its PISSING ME OFF MANNSS and its kinda weird how you talk about the airplane thing for like half of it and then it one stanza you talk about the marrige thing and then its like the end.. idk .. it needs more between but its much better than the last one