What its like to lose.

by e LIZ a beth   Mar 13, 2008

Deep breath, now don't speak.
You'll ruin this moment that we've created,
an ugly pattern of pain and devastation.
It was all brought on by careless mistakes.

Stop now, take it all in
Don't forget to remember what its like to be alone
in a world caught up in glamor and beauty
when life is more disposable than waste.

Its time, go ahead and jump
take all the memories and discomfort along
And as you hit rock bottom,
don't forget to let them know how much you didn't care.

Its times like these that make me wonder,
will they remember what you said or did?
will they think of what you didn't say or do?
or will you, like many others, become a faint reminder of what its like to LOSE..


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