Almost understanding

by biba   Apr 23, 2004

The pain that you caused me, you'll never understand.
You'll never get why when I was around you, I found it hard to stand.
I don't think you'll ever get what you did to me.
I wish Id made a video so that you could see.
It was different then, from how it is today
Though there are still many things that I have left to say.
Like I almost understand the lies that you told
And how you had to keep telling them so your story would unfold.
How I almost understand why you made me look like such a fool.
Acting ever so confident, always playing cool.
But then I have to say, I will never fully understand why you did what you did.
Why on what went on between us you wanted to keep a lid.
The truth leaked out and she grew to knew
Exactly what we did do
You made me seem crazy. like your lies were true
It was my word over yours and she believed you.
I don't blame her thats not my place
it was me and you who were a disgrace
But you lied and cheated and played around
while acting like your feet where firmly on the ground
Your special to me, I'm over the past
But the deep wounding scars will always last.
xxx please comment this is very special to me xxx


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