by biba   Apr 23, 2004

Your probably the person I loved most in my life
so why did god take you, it was like being stabbed by a knife
You were my favourite person to talk to each and everyday
and now i am without you, i am in dismay
I don't think people realise just how much it can hurt
when you look at life really its a very small spurt.
You gave me advice and helped me to live
and gave me all the love in the world there was to give
So why did god take you from me?
why cant he see, that i knew you and you need me
My family members miss you, you were really really great
but i feel so guilty cos the last time i should of seen you I was late.
Everybody misses you, we wish god would send you back
But now that I am older I realsie he cannot do that.
I wish for a minute, a second more of time
to tell you how much i love you and how your'll always be mine
Grandad, i need you please look after me
I want you to see what I have become, the person you always knew I could be.


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