by biba   May 10, 2004

When you left me the first time it was the beginning of the end
i had to ask myself how long does a broken heart take to mend?
the answer to this question is it takes a long time
i never expected you to come back and once again be mine.
but back into my life you once again did come
and i found myself still desperately hoping that i could be your one.
so we were back together, well sort of in a way
spending time together day after day after day.
we were really connecting it was going great
OK we were only friends this time, well, friends that sort
i was really happy and you said that you were to
so i really need to know why you did what you did do.
You left me again, you went away
and goodbye was the one thing you forgot to say.
you said goodbyes are too hard and doing it you couldn't face
but by not saying it to me the last few months have been erased
I'm left feeling the same as i did the first time you went
desperately seeking answers to what your actions meant
you said goodbyes are not you thing and you'll be back sometime
but this time when you get back, i cannot let you be mine.
because my heart can't take it- i can't take anymore pain
so next time when i see you it will not be the same.


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  • 16 years ago

    by biba

    hi, please comment on my poem, its close to my heart!xxx