by Auspicious76   Jul 17, 2007

You sit there and look back on your life, painfully reliving bygone days and the memories of all that was, has been, and could never possibly be.

You laugh despite the bitter sorrows, buried deep within all those tomorrows of hope-filled promises, and shattered dreams.

The irony isn't lost on me, no, not me, for I've walked those streets of could-have-been's and possibilities, only to arrive at the same old conclusions:

Pre-determined, pre-ordained, destiny or fate, it's all the same; just a fancier way to hide the truth and say that life's confusing.

Anyway, I stray, and there was a point to be made but, for now, I hardly know how to make it, or the words that I should say...

But I shall try...Let me see...

Life is full of ups and downs and broken dreams, could-have-been's, would-have-been's, and numerous other things.

But despite the sorrows of all your bitter tomorrows, day fades into days and week into weeks, until they all have become years that passed in a haze.

Then one day you awake, left with only memories; Your life passed away while you were in a daze, held prisoner, bound and chained, by your sorrows.

That's when it becomes clear that, maybe, my dear, there were other sights to see, hopes to hold, loves to be had, and so many other dreams.

All the questions you asked, the same as me, become pointless, you see, because no answer exists that can ever win back the time you missed.

So, take the time now, with a smile or a frown, to live in the day, for tomorrow's uncertain and yesterday's gone and a memory's only as good as the things you have done.


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