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One day, I would like to be remembered as being just as good as Poe! High hopes I know... but then, if we didn't dream big, we wouldn't be poets! *wink*

I joined up in an effort to 'polish' my writing skills with the hope that I can contribute as much as I receive.

For those who wish to check me out on the web, you may go here:

Thanks for reading this far and I'll be seeing you around!

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Latest Poems By Auspicious76

  • You sit there and look back on your life...
    You laugh despite the bitter sorrows, buried deep...

  • When Eve had led her lord away,
    And Cain had killed his brother...

  • She slipped through the night,
    A phantom of life...

  • I had a dream that you were here,
    bathed in morning light...

  • Yesterday's gone in a cloud of dreams-
    Though I know not where it went...

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  • What sweet dreams through laughter's ties-
    where truth is trust and love is life-
    are seen through childrens' innocent eyes?

    The dreams of the world God intended.

    12 years ago
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  • Life is full of decisions. Even if you decided NOT to decide, you have already made a decision. Consider well.

    12 years ago
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