My Fairy Tale Man

by Skyra   Jul 23, 2007

I sit all locked up in my room trying to find things to do,

Then i thought of it, i could put together my very own fairy tale man

He would be perfect in every way, every thing i truly wish i could have,

His smile, his laughter, and every thought he has,

I wish he were real and a fantasy in my head, so i say to myself lets start the search of my fairy tale man.

I search every castle and every dungeon in the sky, but i cant seem to find him, where could he hide?

I say to myself i will search one more place the heavens above
and every star out of place

I keep my eyes open and as i turn to leave i see him in a garden awaiting for me,

So i go over to talk to my fairy tale man and to look into the eyes of my sweet lover to be,

I finally found you my fairy tale man and your every thing i dreamed you would be, so now i ask you why did you hide?

I find that your eyes are the lost stars out of place, and your smile as bright as the moon on a hot summer night,

He said this to me as he looked deep into my shining eyes.

Now lets leave the heavens my angel and return home where we oat to be

Lets leave this place behind and look into the Sky's to take our final
wish, came on what do we have to hide?


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