by Skyra   Jul 23, 2007

Wondering why
he hurt her that way
Searching for an answer
but it all ends the same

Playing the game
of a sweet lover
he takes her heart
and ripes it apart

She finds her self drowning
in a pool of loneliness
he has no regrets
no pain or hurt that treads

she thought he'd be hers forever
that he would never turn away
until that dreadful day
when he said his life was made
( with out her )

She asked him
" is that how it's going to be?
i give you my heart
my solemn vow, when i was struck
by cupids dart"

He turned her way
put his hands around her waist
pulled her close
just like the old days

he said to her
"I've always loved you
no one can ever replace
the special place you had in my heart"

"Then why are you leaving
on our anniversary day?"
"oh i must have forgotten
how could i ever repay?"

As he's walking away
suitcase in hand
he turns around to say
"I've found someone new
but I'll always love you my sweet Roseann.....


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