Fallen Tears

by Skyra   Jul 23, 2007

As tears fall from lonely eyes
As I hold all the pain inside
how I wish you knew my whole story about how I have hurt so many people

As all my tears fall, you only wonder why,
just leave them be, and let them tell why,

I broke heart after heart
shattering them into a million
there tears fell with mine but I didn't understand why

I pushed everyone away
when I really needed someone to stay

I said I hated you all
I wish I could be gone
leave this world with no regret
and tell everyone they had to push me over the edge

All of hate can not be found
for all these people that have let me drown,

How I wish you knew the rest
some day you will
but right now lets forget

all the pain
forget every regret

Because I'm in heaven now with every one else,
they all welcome me with open arms

And as there tears fall from the heavens, onto the lonely souls below

Each one stands, holds there heads up high and says to world I will never be alone...

This is my story that I hope you have learned hurting your self is wrong, and no matter how hard you try there will be a regret even if you push it away...


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  • 13 years ago

    by Baby Rainbow

    Relate to that and understand well, good poem xxxx