by corrina   Aug 1, 2007

The day ov my prom,
everyone is inside,
having the time ov there lifes,
with unforgetable memories,
while i am sat on some grass on a hill,
infront ov a river,
watching the sun go down and the mood come up,
when i see a boy on the other side,
waving at me as he goes by,
but then he stops,
and the brightest star comes out,
we both look up,
make a wish,
that one day,
we cud kiss,
he was so nice,
but i dont think i would see him again,
but my wish came true,
i turned around && there was you,
with the nicest lips,
that i wish i cud kiss,
but then it happened,
i wanna thank you for MyMoonLightWish .....


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