by corrina   Aug 3, 2007

My life at the moment is rubbish,
and baby thats a fact,
i wish i cud make it better,
wish i cud make it rite,
everything is turning on me,
my life is upside down,
wish something good wud happen to turn it all around,
i wanna stand on my own too feet again,
wanna have my own life back,
the only good thing in my life,
is tht speshal boy i have,
he is so perfect,
and im glad he walked in my life,
but all my friends,
well feels like they have just turned and walked out,
but hopefully things will get better,
and my world will flip the right way,
becuz no matter what people say or do,
im here to stay...
i am a fighter,
and no matter what,
i will get through this life,
if its the last thing i do or not,
but people dont understand,
becuz they can't see inside,
on the outside i am happy,
just to show people im not down,
but inside ov me,
im upset,
im hurt,
im living a lie,
someone will come and help me,
someone someway someday,
i wanna make it better,
but i dont seem to know how,
but i will get through this life,


xXx By Dis Gal xXx


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