by corrina   Aug 2, 2007

I walk around the house,
and realise ur never there,
is it is just me,
or do you not care,
no matter what i do,
u never follow through,
when i try to talk to you,
you just push me away,
you tell me you haven't got time for me,
then you realise what u say,
i try and get sum attention,
but it never works,
im tired ov looking at ma reflection,
sumtimes it hurts,
looking at you in a state,
i tell everyone ur not my mum,
im so ashamed,
i feel i have no one,
my friends all laff,
and tell me your "mum's a joke"
i just laff with them and say "i know"
but please try to understand,
im ur daughter,
but i feel like everytime i tlk to you i disappear,
i'm like a few inches tall,
u not knowning im here at all,
i just want a hug,
i want to know that ur is there for me,
to catch me if i break down && fall ....


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