by ~â‚£ading |nspiration~   Aug 4, 2007

What it's like to be a child,
Years before simply an infant in a cradle,
Then you started to crawl, then walk,
And never stop, and never look back ever since..

When people will simply look at you and smile,
Such innocence, such loveliness,
You're an angel to everyone,
Then you grew up, and you're an angel no more..

What it's like being in mummy's arms,
Being sang lullaby every night,
Kisses goodnight to all the bad dreams,
And somehow, it's the nightmare that haunts you now..

The first time you learn to cycle,
You try and try and keep falling until you're bruised,
But then you'll always stand up again,
Always up to the challenge, not wanting to give up..

All those times, when everything seems so easy,
Then you became an adolescent,
And from then on, your life changes completely,
Everything seems hard, and you just kept falling..

How happy life used to be,
Just you and me being just another kid,
All we do is laugh and cry,
But then we'll be alright and face another day rather cheerfully..

The tough kid you used to be,
Not bothered by those around you,
Living in your own world of fantasy out of reality,
Not getting hurt yet another day..

That you're a kid no more,
Despite how much you wish you are,
You simply can't turn back time and relive those days,
For that little toddler in you has long since vanished..


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