I Need Help

by Emily   Aug 14, 2007

Tie me to a train track
Slice a knife through my skin
Anyway you do it Ill let you win
You think Im safe
Alone in my room
As I blast the volume
Screaming along with the words
I carve a word in my arm
You tell me to stop this harm
I love the pain
Over and over again
I dream of killing myself
All the different ways
I need help
Someone to hold me
To stroke my hair
To tell me that they will always be there
Kissing my forehead
Watching over me as I sleep in bed
Making sure I awake in the morning
I need someone to want me
They will love me for who I am
Not for who I didnt become
I just feel so numb
I need out
Without a doubt
Take the gun
Have some fun
Place it against my head
Pull the trigger
Make me bleed red
As everyone rushes in
Seeing me dead


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