Let her slip away

by Emily   Oct 10, 2007

She carves pretty pictures upon her wrist
This is her twisted way to escape all this
She lets the blood trickle down as she screams out in pain
She thinks that she cut right through her vein
Everyone says they love her, but no one ever means it
No one can see that this girl just wants to quit
She smiles, she laughs, she even cracks a few jokes here and there
She can't understand why they can't see through her smiling stare
Every night, she lies in her bed.
Crying and crying over tomorrow, which she dreads
She still loves that boy, the one that broke her heart
He knew he could fool her from the very start
He said he would never leave her
But when he did, her life became one blinding blur
She knows she's fat, she knows she's not thin
"God" she screams, Why can't I ever win!"
She overdoses and drinks alcohol
She just loves to watch herself fall
She just wants to die, is that so hard to ask?
Why make her keep hiding behind this fake mask
Let her die in her sleep
No one will even care to weep
Can't you see? She's done. She doesn't want to stay
Just let the poor girl slowly fade away


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