Why not believe and work for the best? not just only hope?

by DeadGirl AKA Becka   Aug 20, 2007

Why do we live our lives and suffer as we do, when in reality we just want a better life...yet nothing is done to correct it and to the people who try and correct it, well lets just ask why...why is it that the people who try never reach what they truly desire? why is it that they work till their bones become frail, and weak? why do we also not do our best to reach our potential? ...Is it because we think no matter how hard we try we will receive nothing? nothing but loss, and failure? so in the end we leave all the work to the believers, who believe that they can change their suffering, even if nothing good ever comes of their work...I believe we should try and make it what it may...believe in the believers, and maybe not just only something will end their suffering, but also your own. Soon in good gratitude our suffering will also end...


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