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hey whats crackin my ninjas? haha ^^ well if u read my poetry u will see its dark...emotionally....and if u think deep into some of my poems there is meaning in them...but few get it right-more or less its whatever people want it to seem like it meant. but poetry is usually my feelings deep deep inside, i write when im upset so thats why there so very dark. haha ^^ well If you read my poetry will u please RATE & COMMENT. please ^^ i love getting comments :) its fun and plus i find out how im doing on it ^^

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  • Living is a hellish game, but in the end is it worth playing??

    16 years ago
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  • Mesmerization is my key to relaxation...

    16 years ago
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  • Why the hell should I do What ever the hell You Say, When I don't even Listen to whatever the hell I say to Myself!?

    16 years ago
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