I Love You with all my heart my true friend!

by DeadGirl AKA Becka   Jun 6, 2007

My friends are very special,
Their the best there ever was,
I hold them very close,
because there the ones I love.

But you are my friend,
one of the very best,
when you make me laugh,
when you make me guess.

I hope you'll never forget,
the laughter that we shared,
from happiness of joy,
from the sadness that we bared.

I know for sure
I'll never forget,
the very special you,
and how we first met. (lol)

I never want to lose,
a friend such as you,
I want our friendship to go on,
and I hope you do too.

So keep me in your heart,
and let me forever stay,
because you'll be in mine,
till my dying day...


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